Recent Acquisition: Medals reunited

With the help of a sharp eyed Museum supporter we have been able to reunite the medals of 2345 Private John Fudge of the 29th Regiment of Foot.

The obverse of John Fudge’s Punjab medal.
Reverse of the medal

On the 29th January 2021, the Museum received an email from a member of the public informing us that he had spotted a Punjab Medal, with clasps for Goojerat and Chilianwala, awarded to John Fudge for sale on a website. Our informant was aware that the Museum already held some of John Fudge medals (Indian Mutiny and Long Service and Good Conduct medals) as these were on display. Were we interested? We immediately contacted the dealer and the medal was purchased on the 2nd February.

The Indian Mutiny and Long Service and Good Conduct Medals of John Fudge already in the museum collection.

Fudge, who enlisted on 27th September 1844, at the age of 19.  He served in the Punjab, during the Sikh Wars, and then in the Indian Mutiny.  In all he spent 14 years in India. He was discharged on 17th October 1865 having completed 21 years service.  His Long Service and Good Conduct medals, which you can see in the case, came with a £5 gratuity, surely a welcome gift to augment his soldier’s pension.

Fudge was only one of 129 officers and men of the 29th Regiment who served in both the Punjab campaign and the mutiny.

Fudge’s medals will need remounting but when the Worcestershire Soldier Gallery reopens on the 17th May, they will be reunited and go on display to the public.