Become a Friend of the Mercian Regiment Museum (Worcestershire)

If you would like to become a Friend of The Mercian Regiment Museum, there are two categories of membership that apply to individuals (separate terms apply for corporate membership – available on request).

Annual Membership: A donation of £15 or more paid by annual, quarterly or monthly banker’s standing order entitles the donor to annual membership of the Friends. Exceptionally payment may be made in cash or by cheque.

Life Membership: A single donation of £250 or more entitles the donor to life membership of the Friends. A donation may be in the form of payment by cheque or gifting a “qualifying investment”, for example, shares and/or securities listed on the UK Stock Exchange.

Friends of The Mercian Regiment Museum (Worcestershire) are entitled to receive:
A 10% discount on all Museum shop purchases valued at £5 and above.  Periodic newsletter: Friends Newsletter 2,  Friends Newsletter 3,  Friends Newsletter 4Friends Newsletter 5 Friends Newsletter 6, Friends Newsletter 7, Friends Newsletter 8, Friends Newsletter 9, Friends Newsletter 10, Friends Newsletter 11, Friend Newsletter 12, Friends Newsletter 13, Friends Newsletter 14, Friends Newsletter 15, Friends Newsletter 16, Friends Newsletter 17, Friends Newsletter 18, Friends Newsletter 19

Discounts on ticket prices for special Museum events.

As a charity, The Mercian Regiment Museum Trust is able to recover a substantial additional sum from the Inland Revenue in respect of each life and annual membership donation – currently 25p for each £1 donated by Friends who are taxpayers and who sign the appropriate Gift Aid Declaration. Friends who pay tax at the higher rate are able to claim higher rate tax relief. Donors of “qualifying investments” may qualify for income and capital gains tax relief. If unsure, professional advice should be sought.

To become a Friend, please complete the Application Form below and forward to the Museum at the address on the bottom of the Form.
Download a Friends Application Form.

Receipt of initial donations/banker’s standing orders will be acknowledged. Cancellation of a standing order or a failure to renew payment will result in cessation of membership.