Post-WW1 Ledgers

Inter War recruitment ledger

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Until 1920 a man who enlisted in the British Army was allocated a ‘Regimental Number’, this number was not unique in the Army and may not even have been unique at a Regimental level. In 1920 ‘Regimental Numbering’ was abandoned and a system of ‘Army Numbering’ was adopted.

Each Regiment was allocated a 7-digit number block. The block allocated to the Worcestershire Regiment was 5,239,001 – 5,328,000.

So in 1920 each man who was serving with the Worcestershire Regiment, be they Regular, Territorial or Special Reservist, was given a new 7-digit number within the allocated number block – new recruits immediately receiving a 7-figure number. Towards the end of the block the personal data entered in the ledgers became less complete with little detail being recorded.

To document these changes and to monitor the soldier’s career and record his contact details an entry was made into a series of ledgers. The following information was captured in these ledgers:-

  • Army Number
  • Former Regimental Number
  • Type of enlistment (Regular, Militia. Special Reserve, Territorial)
  • Date of Attestation
  • Age on Attestation
  • Place of Attestation
  • Transferred to or from Regiment or Corps and Date
  • Trade on enlistment
  • Period of embodied or mobilized service
  • Place of Birth (Parish/Town)
  • Full name and nationality of woman to whom married and name of each child (if any); if unmarried, name and address of next-of-kin stating relationship.
  • Place of marriage and birth of each child
  • Date of marriage and birth of each child
  • Campaigns, wounds, medals or rewards of any kind
  • Date, place and cause of discharge
  • Rank and character on discharge
  • Address on discharge
  • Particulars of former service
  • Remarks

From 1942 new recruits were allocated a number in a series beginning 14,000,000. In 1950 this system changed once to a series beginning 2,200,000.