Worcestershire Regiment Officer Records


The WW2 bombing of the Arnside warehouse in London resulted in the loss of much of the WW1 paperwork relating to ‘other ranks’, but the papers relating to many of the officers who served in the war have survived to this day. Although these vary greatly in content with many pages being weeded by the Ministry of Defence over the years, they still contain much information of interest.

These papers are not available on the internet but the Worcestershire Regiment archives hold digital copies of many of the papers of the Worcestershire Regiment officers who served during the war (papers for Colonel and above are not available and those of Lt-Col are limited). We are in a position to provide digital images of available records for personal and non-commercial use only. Please note that if an officer served beyond 1922 his ‘papers’ are still lodged with the Ministry of Defence.

At a local level the Worcestershire Regiment Archive hold a number of unique officer-related WW1 files. These include:

2nd Battalion Worcestershire Regiment Officer’s Ledger

This ledger provides detailed service information on the officers who served with the 2nd Battalion during the war.

Officers’ Embarkation Rolls

These unique files, which are in our archives and cover most Worcestershire Regiment Battalions, detail the movement of officers who served with the Regiment during the war.


Over the years records have been kept of the service of officers who served with the Regiment and are lodged in the Archive; the earliest dates from 1707.